HTRC Service Release v3.1 for Uncamp 2015

HTRC Services v3.1 has been released for HTRC Uncamp 2015 on March 26, 2015.  This release has a small set of new features and was mainly aimed at bug fixes. 

Changes to the main production service include:

  • Workset Listing by My Worksets and All Worksets.
  • Algorithm results have sortable Algorithm column and default order is by Time.
  • Email for user account registration now comes from
  • Data Capsule results are only available after a human review
  • API for Public Worksets, used by the beta version Bookworm (in the Sandbox

Changes to the Sandbox service include:

  • Initial alpha version of Bookworm
  • Updates to the alpha version Feature Extraction

See our release notes on 3.0 for more details on changes for the 3.0 release.

We welcome community scholars to try the 3.1 release and provide your feedback. Please send email to with your comments.