HTRC Services 3.0 Final Release on Feb 27 2015

The HTRC team made the final release for 3.0 on Feb 27 2015.  This version addresses problems found during the 3.0 Beta test period which started on Jan 23 2015, as well as adds an improved user account registration process.  Over 50 corrections were made by the HTRC team during the Beta test. Thanks to everyone who reported a problem or made a suggestion.

The main improvement for this release is an updated user account registration process which does a better job of telling a user right away if their email address is not on our list of known higher education institutions and a User Agreement that spells out user responsibilities for handling HathiTrust data.

New features that were introduced with the 3.0 Beta release are:

  • Data Capsule - a secure environment for non-consumptive research
  • More welcoming home page and portal
  • Enhanced workset builder functionality
  • automatically saving jobs upon completion
  • corrected use of faceted search
  • Single sign-on (except for Data Capsule and Workset Builder)

We welcome community scholars to experience the 3.0 release and provide your feedback. Please send email to with your comments.

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