Quick Video Demos

Note: these videos are out-of-date as some settings for HTRC Data Capsules have changed, and access is now available via a web-based viewer within HTRC Analytics. The videos provide a general overview of the capsule workflow. They will be updated with new vides soon! 

Create and start an HTRC Data Capsule virtual machine. 

To be able to use the HTRC Data Capsule, a user needs to first create a virtual machine, which is their capsule. The video below shows how to create a virtual machine in the HTRC and start it. 

Operations in secure mode of the capsule

Once ready to access the text data and perform their analysis, you can switch your capsule to secure mode through the HTRC Analytics web interface. In secure mode, you are only allowed to access HTRC data services, while all other webpages and services are blocked. The purpose of secure mode is to help scholars conduct non-consumptive text analysis, and it is a secure virtual environment for research using the HathiTrust Digital Library.