HTRC Algorithms tutorial

See step-by-step instructions for running an HTRC algorithm.

Run a text analysis algorithm 

HTRC Analytics provides a number of text analysis algorithms for users to analyze their worksets, ranging from simple word count to sophisticated ones such as topic modeling. Typically, you need to choose an algorithm of your interest and then select the workset you want to run analysis on with proper parameter settings.

Make sure you are logged in to HTRC Analytics. Navigate to the algorithms by clicking  "Algorithms" on the menu bar on the top part of page.

On the Algorithms page, select an algorithm from the list. You can read the description to learn about what the algorithms can do on your workset. For this example we chose the "Meandre_Topic_Modeling" algorithm. Click “Execute” to use this algorithm.

Fill in the required parameters. Some parameters have default values while for some others you will need to fill them in. You will also need to select a workset (i.e. a collection) that you want to work with. Below shows the parameters entered for this demo. Click on the "Submit" button to submit the job.

After submitting, you will be taken to the Jobs page for viewing job status. You can stay on the Jobs page and refresh the page to see the most up-to-date status of the job. Depending on how fast the job is computed, you will probably see the job listed in the "Active Jobs" section. You can also see all the active jobs submitted by you.

Examine results of algorithm

During and after submitting a text analysis job, you can see what your work on the "Jobs" page.

After the job is finished, you can see the job is listed in the "Completed Jobs" section. Click on the job name to see its result.

This is also the page you will come to to see your results in the future. To get here again, click the Jobs button from the Algorithm page. (Note that you must be signed in to access these options.)

If you want to view past jobs, you can filter the results by name.

To view results, click on the job name.

On this job result page, I can use the tabs to see outputs of running the topic modeling algorithm. This algorithm displays the top words in my workset as a tag cloud (tagcloudcleantokencounts.html), in a list (tagcouldcleantokencounts.csv.txt), and logs (stdout.txt and stderror.txt).