Tips for hosting a workshop at your institution

Are you interested in leading an HTRC workshop at your own institution? Here are some tips to get you started. 


  • Please reuse, adapt, or find inspiration in the content we have shared online. 
  • You can reference our how-to guides, educational materials, and publications and presentations, all linked to from the front page.

Choosing a date

  • It is wise to check the HTRC calendar to see what other public events are happening before you pick a date.
  • Be cautious when holding a Tuesday workshop. The supercomputer we use is subject to routine maintenance the first Tuesday of every month, which means our services will be down.

Other logistics

  • Some parts of the Portal will slow when there are many users or when particularly big or complicated jobs are run. We've had successful hands-on workshops with up to 30 users running small jobs, but be aware that if you anticipate a big group all submitting jobs at once, results may be slow to process. A good practice to streamline workshops is to create a small, sample workset (or find one publicly available in the Portal to use) and have your attendees use it in their job.
  • If you plan to teach a workshop using the HTRC Data Capsule in your workshop, there are currently 15 capsules available at any one time. You may need to ask attendees to work in pairs or small groups. 
  • Please contact with the workshop information, e.g. date and what part of HTRC you will present, such that we know about the event.