2020 ACS Project updates

ACS awardees are sharing updates about their work to date roughly midway through their project cycles. Check them out below!

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    Tracing the shifting rhetoric of ethnoracial difference in federal responses to education, 1958-2018

    Project investigator: Andrés Castro Samayoa

    The U.S. Federal Documents Collection

    HathiTrust’s U.S. Federal Documents Collection offers a unique opportunity for researchers to explore a trove of digitized documents that can help us deepen our historical understanding of shifts in federal initiatives. For researchers interested in how the United States has addressed issues of racial inequality across multiple federal agencies, the U.S. Fed Docs collection offers a novel trove of data for large-scale textual analyses. can serve as a promising starting point.

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    When numbers get complicated: mining thoughts

    Project update for Surveying Applicability of Energy Recovery Technology for Waste Treatment

    Project investigator: Aduramo Lasode

    Energy, specifically renewable energy has gained a perpetual spotlight as weather patterns continue to change and social pressure for public policy action increases. Renewable energy conversations are expanding beyond traditional solar and wind sources, to evaluate other options for decreasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. One of the industries that offers an opportunity to mitigate GHG emissions is waste treatment, through energy recovery processes. Energy recovery leverages prime mover technologies, for example turbines, fuel cells and internal combustion engines, in power or heat generation from biogas obtained during waste treatment. A preliminary study I conducted leveraged a data-driven approach to recommending prime mover technologies based on efficiency, an important factor for consideration. During this first take, some challenges presented an opportunity to explore resources at the HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC). HTRC offered a wide range of data sources, with an automated mining appeal.